Busy. We are all full speed ahead and ready to go.

It’s parade season. Not the kind where you sit on the curb, melting in the heat, dodging cheap candy while listening to the marching bands. Our parade season is filled with barn wood, granite counters, bronze fixtures, and lot of “please do not use the bathroom” signs.

This is our moment to show off gorgeous homes to potential buyers and let their minds start personalizing it. Frankly, it’s an exhausting process to create the materials, prepare the home, and then it’s lights, camera, action, all of the potential buyers come it and it’s go time! But seeing the bright smiles masking the turning brains figuring out how they’d customize the homes along with the pure joy and excitement are all worth it. Once the lights are all shut off and the doors are locked, the follow up process and contracts begin. With a little help from my Caribou Coffee, some good hair product, a killer pair of shoes and a lot of snacks, the Parade of Homes is my favorite time of year.

If you’re planning on touring model homes during the Parade of Homes, here are some tips and tricks to make your days better.

1. Wear shoes that you can easily take off, with socks under them! Generally, you’ll be asked to take your shoes off or cover them with booties. Prevent an awkward situation and wear socks just in case.

2. Bring Snacks.
Walking through 10s of homes is tiring, trust me, I do it everyday. Ensure you’re not focusing on a noisy and rumbling stomach by having snacks and water! Some of our favorite snacks are apples, Bobos Bars, Cheez-its and trail mix.

3. Pick up a Parade of Homes Booklet.
These booklets will be your best friend during the parade. Not only can you see all of the amazing Eternity Homes models, you can see other builder’s homes too! These nifty booklets are yours, for the amazing price of $0, at your nearest Twin Cities Holiday gas station.

4. Watch out for children.
We just ask that while you’re looking for the home, while driving, please watch out for children and other pedestrians. There will be other people walking around and families that live in the development and we just want everyone to have a great weekend and be safe.

5. Please do not use the restrooms!
Just please, don’t do it.

6. Be prepared to be amazed!
Self explanatory.

For more information on your favorite model or if you’re looking for a new home, give me a call!